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Hi to all,

I've a question about Pisi lifecycle. How much time a release was supported? Other distros like Ubuntu, for example, has 5 years in his LTS version and 18 months in non-LTS.
Thanks a lot!
Best regards.


Hi Bruno

Sorry for the very late Answer

Pisi Linux as no LTS version such as Ubuntu or other Distros.

Pisi Linux 1.2 is stable and the last Release from the 1.. series.

The Team works now on Pisi Linux 2.0, it is available as Alpha7, when Pisi Linux 2.0 is ready and stable it has so long Lifetime as it gives KDE5




--- Alıntı yapılan: groni - 15 Şubat 2016, 13:16:51 ---...when Pisi Linux 2.0 is ready and stable it has so long Lifetime as it gives KDE5
--- Alıntı sonu ---
I think the original question was about *support* - i.e. functionality and security updates. For instance, how would "KDE 5 lifetime" have any correlation with kernel security patches?

So I am also interested in the OP question: What is the support cycle (more specifically, the support policy) of Pisi?

Hi Abdullah

Security Updates comes to Pisi Linux so fast as we become it, Software was updated so when it gives a update from it.

The Pisi Linux Team works with KDE5 in Pisi Linux 2.0, we can promise  the user a stable and secure System, that was the device from the Team.

Pisi Linux, fast secure and stable.

The support cycle is on Pisi Linux  2.0 , the newest KDE 5 version, but not the Beta from KDE only the stable version

We can so promise a stable system, and before we share a new version from Pisi Linux, all users can be sure, we have test it.



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