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General help
« : 15 Şubat 2016, 04:38:23 »
Hi  ; I'm new to PISI  and I love it . I've  read some history and other  things I've found about the current PISI.  I really love it ; it's very , very fast. I hope to learn all about it
 Right now I could use some general  help with a couple of things.  I hate to say it , but I'm not command line proficient yet.
 I copied and saved 1 of my results from trying to use the CLI  ; following the suggestion of another forum user . I could make it available here with the backtrace  that is with it.

 anyone care to try and help me?

also - I don't know what form  is correct for attachments here at the Pisi forum

  thanks a lot 


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Ynt: General help
« Yanıtla #1 : 15 Şubat 2016, 11:02:52 »
Hi logi

Welcome to Pisi Linux

attachments can you place here in which form plays no rule

command line work  is not for all no Problem

i have answer your questions in a mail


groni (Stefan)


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